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Cystic Fibrosis Care Center

New York State Adult Cystic Fibrosis Assistance Program

cf services pharmacy ny state adult cf assistance self advocacy loss of coverage transitional coverage and extensions choosing your health plan accecpted health plans Adults with cystic fibrosis in New York State can get help paying their medical bills from the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Assistance Program (ACFAP). The program provides reimbursement for CF-related medical care and/or insurance premiums for persons age 21 and older.

ACFAP is not a health insurance program. Enrollees must maintain their own healthcare coverage that provides the most comprehensive coverage to meet their CF medical needs. The state program provides reimbursements for premiums for health, dental, and/or vision insurance plans, including CF-related co-payments and deductibles.

To qualify, you must:
  • Be 21 or older
  • Be a New York resident for at least 12 months
  • Have a cystic fibrosis diagnosis
  • Be ineligible for Medicaid
  • Maintain health insurance
ACFAP will reimburse up to the New York State Medicaid rate for CF-related medical services not fully covered by health insurance. The program only covers services eligible for reimbursement through the NYS Medicaid Program. These services include:
  • Inpatient care
  • Outpatient care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Laboratory
  • X-ray services
  • Home health care
  • Psychological services
  • Physical therapy
  • Dental care services
  • Medical care provided by a qualified physician
  • Non-prescription medications ordered by a medical provider
  • Vitamins and nutritional supplements ordered by a medical provider
For more information, call (518) 474-1222 or visit the AFCAP website.

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